Fire & Sound Guard™ Insulation

Thermafiber® Fire & Sound Guard™ insulation is sound absorptive material designed to provide enhanced acoustical control and fire resistance in one product for residential buildings.

Fire & Sound Guard insulation is designed for use within wood and steel framed interior walls, floors and ceilings.


Fire & Sound Wall Insulation Diagram

  • Interior Walls
  • Interior Floors / Ceilings

The semi-rigid batts are denser than traditional batts, making them easy to cut and install, with a secure cavity fit.


Measure & Cut: Fire & Sound Guard™ insulation is easy to cut with a serrated knife for custom fitting around electrical boxes, pipes, duct-work, wiring, or between non-standard studs and joist.

Squeeze & Insert: Fire & Sound Guard™ insulation is flexible and pliable; simply squeeze the sides to compress the insulation and insert into the desired wall.

Release & Expand: Once in place, Fire & Sound Guard™ insulation naturally expands to fill in the space, creating a snug, custom fit.

Fire & Sound Guard Product Image

Download our Product and Installation Guide for a step-by-step guide on various product applications.

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Fire & Sound Guard™ insulation is available in a variety of sizes for your project.

Fire & Sound Guard™ insulation will be available August 2017.


Assembly STC & Fire Resistance Ratings

Contact our technical team for assistance with selecting acoustic and fire rated assemblies on your next project.