Commercial Insulation

Thermal Batt

UltraBatt™ thermal batt insulation is designed for use within various wood and steel framed exterior wall, ceiling and floor construction assemblies. The semi-rigid batts are non-combustible, non-corrosive, moisture-resistant, non-deteriorating, and mold resistant.

Acoustic Batt

SAFB™ are sound absorptive mineral wool batts designed to provide acoustic and fire protection in various wood and steel framed load bearing and non-load bearing sound and fire rated interior construction assemblies.

Continuous Insulation

RainBarrier™ 45 and RainBarrier™ HD continuous insulation products are designed for exceptional performance in rain screen and cavity wall construction applications, providing thermal insulation, fire resistance, and acoustical control while efficiently draining water from a cavity wall system.

Fire Protection

FireSpan™ 40 & 90 products are designed to provide fire protection in curtain wall and perimeter fire containment systems.

Safing is compression fit mineral wool firestopping insulation product designed to provide fire protection in perimeter fire containment systems, floor and wall penetrations, construction joints, and other firestopping applications.


VersaBoard™ multi-purpose insulation provides an outstanding combination of fire containment, enhanced acoustical performance, thermal insulation, and energy conservation for various commercial construction applications and are available with a variety of facing options.